Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Earring displays

While I was attending the annual Gathering of the ISGB in Seattle a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Bellevue Arts Fair which was held directly across the street from our hotel. Of course I love to look at the arts and crafts, but this time I was more focused on displays. Earring displays was high on my scout list. I was surprised at the number of jewelry artists who displayed their earrings on their own individual unique display. I have always wanted to do this ever since I took a class with Celie Fago and saw her earring displays. But there is never enough time. I have an earring display stand that I love so I decided to make my own earring cards - in my colors of course.

I bought an earring card punch at the Bead and Button Show several years ago which is fabulous and I applied the hanging back from Rio Grande. But they looked a little plain so I ordered some stickers from Moo with my logo.

And here is the finished product

And the stand

People like that it twirls!

And for some very special OOAK earrings I am going to make a few of my own stands.

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