Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blog News

I have a new website for my art jewelry.  It's www.louiselittle.com

My lampworked bead website is still www.desertbloomdesigns.com

And I'm now going to be blogging from my new site

If you have followed this blog I hope you will continue to follow me by clicking this link  -  and on the blog page you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

So this will be my last post here.  thanks for looking...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buying Seed Beads

So it seems that no matter how many seed bead tubes I have, I never have the right color or the right size.  I usually wait to buy seed beads in person when I attend the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee every June.  And when I'm there I like to shop with Beyond Beadery.  But recently I needed several colors for a project so I had to go shoping online.  Of course it always takes shopping at a few shops to get all that I need.  I shopped at Fusion Beads, Caravan Beads, Artbeads and of course Beyond Beadery .  And I got great beads from all of them. 

What I want to share is the email from Beyond Beadery announcing that my beads had been shipped...

"Oh, Joy!
Oh, Happy Day!
Your Beyond Beadery order has been prepared and packaged with loving care.

We had a wonderful celebration afterwards with party hats and margaritas as we all hiked down the mountain to the Post Office.
All 228 residents of Rollinsville gathered, their eyes shining with tears of joy, blowing kisses and waving “bye-bye” as our friendly neighborhood Postman carried your package away on this proud and happy day."

That put a grin on my face for sure.