Monday, March 29, 2010

Moonlight Hike in Sabino Canyon

Of all the natural attractions in and around Tucson, Sabino Canyon is certainly the most popular. This large chasm in the Santa Catalina Mountains is where ancient Hohokam people built irrigation dams while mammoths roamed the ground.

My daughter and I went on a moonlight hike this past Friday night in Sabino Canyon. The hike was sponsored by a local Tucson hiking group that she is a member of. The moon was full so lots of light. Had a great time and look forward to many hikes in this wonderful place when are out here full time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm in Tucson

I'm at my home in Tucson. The weather here is wonderful. I'm moving my Mom here now and our move will be this summer. I'm taking inspiration photos for new beads which I hope to make when I return home to Dayton.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Cover Bead - The Gatherer

I was away at the Synergy 2 conference in Baltimore, MD when my Winter 2010 issue of the Glass Bead arrived. Last year I entered the call for entries from the ISGB - International Society of Glass Beadmakers for a bead that would grace the cover of the ISGB's annual meeting publication. The theme was "Beyond Boundaries" and I entered a mixed media bead (lampworked bead with metal clay) called the Gatherer. I had just returned home from a vacation in Palm Springs where I went on a great hike. The guide showed us examples of rock art. There was one cave like area with a large rock that overhang the area like a roof. All of the petroglyphs there were of images with large hands. The guide explained that this area was for gatherings, and the large handed pictoglyphs represented protection of the people who gathered there. So I made my bead complete with a metal clay gatherer and it was chosen for the cover. The annual meeting of the ISGB is called "The Gathering" and it will be held in Rochester, NY this year.

I have decided to display my bead at home; and I purchased this great suspension gift box from Rio Grande for my bead. Now I need to make some more.