Monday, August 6, 2012

Chocolate in Paris and Chicago

this is a box of chocolates from Pierre Marcolini on the Rud de Seine in Paris.  His chocolate is infused with exotic scents and flavors.  His speciality “Calin Fondant” – chocolate-covered almond flour crisps with Tahitian vanilla and caramel.  Yum...  But all gone now!

Eating all the wonderful chocolates in Paris has really spoiled me, BUT I have found a brand here in the US that is quite superb.  I found them in the O'Hare airport of all places on my way to the Bead and Button Show.  Anyway it is Vosges chocolate and you can order from them online.  So far my favorite is the blood orange and caramel exotic bar. 

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Vivienne said...

One of my dreams is to go to Paris & sample pastries & chocolates! (I consider it my mission to do this wherever I go.)Another superb brand of chocolates is Zoe's Chocolates, based in Waynesboro PA but also available online. Their liquid caramels are simply to die for.