Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marketing Materials

I have been applying to several venues that require that I put my images on a CD. Lately I have been creating CD labels with pictures of my artwork and all of my contact information. Things I used to write with a sharpie pen. Anyway, I think it looks very professional and is quite easy to do in Word. I buy the Avery clear acetate labels and print them out on my hp inkjet printer. Speaking of printers I just purchased a new all in one wireless printer and absolutely love it. The ink is so improved now it is "almost" permanent and looks better than some laser printers that I have used.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Desert Bloom Bead a la technique by Michael Barley

This is a desert bloom bead made using some of the techniques learned in my class with Michael Barley - although I am really not happy with the bloom. But I did apply what I learned at the Michael Barley class. The base colors are ivory and medium amber. I applied the silver leaf to the amber and dotted it with rubino. The ivory fumes just a little from the silver. Then the mistake - I made a bloom with one of those highly silvered glass. And it sorta sank into the ivory. Well there's always next time. But I love the effect of the rubino and silver.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Barley's Class at Bead & Button

The last class I took at the Bead & Button Show was with Michael Barley. What a wonderful teacher! And such a nice guy!

The bead on the left is Michael's bead and the one on the right is my attempt. This is a great technique using rubino glass. I haven't quite nailed it, but am off to try it again. This time on a "desert bloom" bead.