Sunday, January 22, 2012

Keeping Track of my notes

In my last post about my to-Do list I stated that I wanted an app that would help me organize my notes.  I have used the notes section in Microsoft Outlook, but had trouble with them syncing properly to my iPhone.  I think that has gotten better, but in the meantime I found EVERNOTE.  And it is just wonderful.  I have the program on my PC laptop, and I also installed the app for my iPhone and iPad.  I can create a note on any device and they all sync via iCloud.  Magic!!
Of course you can keep track of more that the written word; you can add pictures and links and websites.  I think I am up to about 50 notebooks so far.  And this program has really helped me to trim my to-do list.
There are many ways to customize Evernote to work for you…  check out this blog.
Here’s a snapshot of one of my notebooks…..

next...  my projects organizer...

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