Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Year, A New Direction

I follow a few blogs and have read about many people's new year resolutions. I have been trying to organize my thoughts and plans for this year and one thing I need to improve upon is focusing and documenting.
This blog will be a tool that I will use to help me with that.

One of my goals is to explore more with metal clay. I'm even considering signing up for the Master's Registery. Last year I sketched a necklace that I wanted to make in metal clay. It took several attempts and reworks but I am now very happy with the finished piece.

The texture on the abstract links is a texture that I purchased from Victoria James. She makes all of her texture molds and for this one she used a goldback fern. I wanted to use a purchased texture so I could concentrate on the metal clay piece. I've made tear away textures and photo polymer plates, but these silicone molds are fantastic and I have a few ideas of my own that will have to wait until I get back to Tucson to implement.

So my first thought since returning to Dayton from the holiday vacation was to make a few more pieces in this "bloom" theme. I am trying to sketch all of my ideas now. And I finally have a sketch book I like that I can carry around too. So I decided to make a bracelet. The pieces of the bracelet are in the tumbler now and I can't wait to put it together. So stay tuned for pictures later this week.


Vickie Hallmark said...

That's gorgeous, Louise! Yes, indeed, do more metal clay!

Louise Little said...

Hi Vickie,
Thanks for the nice words.

Gail said...

Fantastic Necklace. Love the bracelet too!!!

Carol said...

Your jewelry is stunning.
All of my kids were born in Dayton. Nice to meet a blogger/artist from their.