Sunday, January 17, 2010

Matching Bracelet

So the bracelet to match the necklace that I posted a few day ago is done. I had originally thought I would connect the links with jumprings. But didn't like that look. So back to the drawing board. Ended up doing seed bead work yesterday (I'm making my daughter a bracelet)instead of finishing the metal clay bracelet as planned. Then last night on my nightstand was the current copy of metalclay Artist Magazine and on the cover is a bracelet made by artist Vickie Hallmark. She connected her bracelet with balled wire. So today I tried that technique. Not as easy as it looks, but I really love the finished bracelet now. Of course I am planning another - with original texture and some small improvements to the design. But for my next project I want to try some rings or maybe a brooch.

1 comment:

Vickie Hallmark said...

The bracelet is lovely! Don't you just love those beaded links? FWIW, they do get easier with practice.