Sunday, December 12, 2010


Since I haven't been able to make glass beads yet; I have been cooking. Also my recipes got somewhat organized since the move which has prompted me to do something I have been wanting to so for a long time..... make the perfect flan.

This obession got started when my husband and I had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant in Old Town San Diego (El Agave) - oh at least 10 years ago. I had their flan for dessert. It was not the classic creme caramel that I had been making.. it was darker and firmer and had a lovely caramel flavor. So I started searching the internet for recipes and found out that there are a lot of variations for flan. So my goal is to make a flan a week until I find one close to the one at El Agave.

I started this week with my classic flan. It's white and creamy and delicious - but not the one. but it got me into the mode. Also I think I need a smaller pan to make the caramel.

So if any of you out there reading this has a recipe for me... please send it to me.

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