Friday, August 27, 2010

My Studio

I have been reading with great interest Vickie Hallmark's blog regarding moving her studio back upstairs. Thank you Vickie... it has inspired me.
So you all know, we just got to Tucson. Of course settling the house was first on the agenda. It's about 60% there... but I had to get out to the studio. I haven't made a glass bead since November 2009. Yikes!
So yesterday I tiptoed out back. Haven't even peeked since the movers delivered the "stuff". So I wanted to share with you the vision as I entered the door!
Of course amidst this mountain of boxes is the chance to get really organized. In my home in Dayton my work space was spread out throughout the house. There was the glass bead studio in the workout room; and the seed beeds and jewelry components in the downstairs bedroom. The PMC was downstairs but off the family room - along with soldering. I took photos in my office. The upstairs bathroom was for PPP and etching. And the laundry room was for cold working glass. But now everything is one place - at least my husband is hopeful that beads will not creep back into the main house; but I have given no promises. What's a night of TV without a beading project.
So I have to unpack all of those boxes and organize the stuff. but it will be FUN! I keep telling myself that.

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Vickie Hallmark said...

It will be fun, but work too! Just think of it as a creative project in its own right. I'll quit complaining about 5 months of no beads -- you've got me beat there. ;-)